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Refurbished Jura ENA 9 One Touch

Product ID: R13572

The refurbished Jura Capresso ENA 9 One Touch is Jura's narrowest automatic coffee center. It features Jura's famous one-touch brewing system that eliminates guesswork. At only 9½ inches wide it will fit into the smallest of spaces, yet the height-adjustable brewing spout will accommodate nearly any size coffee cup. The user-programmable system allows you to choose the strength and size of the beverage to suit your own taste preferences. The built in grinder allows you to use whole-bean coffee, or use the special hopper to use pre-ground coffee. Press a button and let the refurbished Jura Capresso ENA 9 One Touch make you a delicious cappuccino or latte today! With a savings of over 50% and a one year warranty, your coffee is waiting!

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Original Price: $1,599.00

Our Price: $799.00

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Features of the Jura Capresso ENA 9 One Touch:

  • Most compact machine of its kind, less than 9½ inches wide.
  • Professional grade conical burr grinder. 5 fineness settings. 7 oz. bean hopper.
  • Powerful pump rated to produce 15 bars of pressure.
  • Totally unique coffee / cappuccino spouts. Connects to milk container for One Touch cappuccino or latte.
  • HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE DUAL SPOUT WITH INTEGRATED FINE-FOAM TECHNOLOGY - The height-adjustable dual spout accommodates almost any size cup and uses two separate channels for coffee and milk. The built-in dedicated milk system prevents cross-contamination, and the new integrated cappuccino frother delivers one-touch feather-light cappuccinos and latte macchiatos in seconds.
  • Hot water can be dispensed for Cafe Americano or Tea.
  • Fully programmable: the ENA allows you to set the amount (1-16 oz), strength and temperature of your coffee.
  • AROMA BOOST - If you need an extra kick, use the Aroma Boost function for the strongest possible cup. With the touch of a button, it grinds the maximum possible amount of coffee and extracts at the ideal temperature for extra-strong, rich flavor.
  • Easy to use rotary dial allows for the easy override of programmed settings.
  • Three color LCD alphanumeric display.

    Green = Machine Ready       Red = Requires Action      Yellow = Programming Mode

    ENA display 
  • Automatic cleaning cycle.
  • Clearyl water filtration system eliminates chlorine taste and the need to decalcify.
  • Stainless steel thermoblock heating system with temperature settings.
  • Automatic ground coffee funnel let you use ground coffee instead of beans. Great for the occasional decaf.
  • Zero Energy Button and Energy Save Standby Mode make saving electricity easy.
  • 37 oz. removable water tank.
  • Black sides with silver front
  • 1450 Watts, 120 Volts
  • 20 Pounds - 14" high x 9" wide x 17.5" deep
  • Made in Switzerland
  • 1 year warranty

Jura ENA 9 Instruction Booklet: Click to view

Additional Information

Milk Frothing One Touch
Built in grinder Yes
Country of Origin Switzerland

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Customer Reviews

Awesome machine that has changed my morning routine
By: Booloe125
August 4, 2015

I purchased my refurbished Jura Ena 9 One Touch from 1st in Coffee a little over a year ago and am still in love with this machine. I couldn't justify the price of a new unit since I am not a big coffee drinker (1 cup a day) but the price of a refurbished unit was just right for a bit of an indulgence for a non-pod coffee drinker. As mentioned by other reviewers, the machine looked brand new out of the box - even the drip dray was provided brand new in shrink wrap so Jura is keen on ensuring that these refurbished units look brand new. I personally stick with non-milk drinks since I don't have time for the required manual clean-up of tubes and nozzle components plus the required Jura liquid cleanser to be used after dispensing milk - but am happy to indulge friends and family with macchiatos and cappuccinos during special visits. Net-net is that I highly recommend this machine it puts a smile on my face every morning - buy it!

Great Experience
By: Martin
May 12, 2015

We finally bought our coffee machine, after a lot of research. The Jura Ena 9 (refurbished) has so far impressed with both features and quality and the capacity and size is perfectly suited for a 2 person household.
Buying from 1st in Coffee has also turned out great, Quick shipping and great responsive customer care.

Jura! Love at first cup!
By: Glasshouse
May 1, 2015

I bought the refurbished Jura ena 9 one touch. It came in the box looking brand new from the factory. Very easy set up. Intuitive to use. Prior machines were a Krups and tried a baby gaggia. Jura is a touch of a button and just amazing cappuccino and espresso. Easy clean up. Not sure how I ever lived with out this machine. Love at first cup.

Absolutely the best
By: Sarah
April 14, 2015

Ahhhhh! That’s the early-morning sound after my first sip of the nectar of the gods. To say I am supremely happy with the refurbished Jura falls short of my happiness level, but alas, appropriate descriptors fail me. Previous reviews do a much better job of siting the more technical points, so I have no need to repeat. I am simply in love with the Jura. Thanks to the engineers, designers, manufacturer, etc etc etc.

Great Coffee, Easy to Use
By: AK Coffee
April 8, 2015

I bought a refurbished unit for my wife as a Christmas gift. We've had it for 4 months and absolutely love it. It makes a great cup of coffee, latte, or espresso at the touch of a button. Cleanup is super easy and you can use any coffee beans you like.

Fantastic Machine
By: Tim
December 15, 2014

We bought several manual and cheap machines before and finally gave up on them. This machine is fantastic! My wife can use it without asking for help. It cleans itself for all the basic purposes. It looks great on the counter compared to most any other item on the market. And while it's a one touch machine, the vairability with a simple turn of the knob is fantastic. I'm afraid to throw away the manual because this thing seems very complicated. But it's actually very intuitive to use once you have it up and running for a few days. The kids already know how to make it work for Mom. After a week, we are already wondering what we will do if this thing ever quits. My wife is southern German so the Swiss quality was a key selling point. There are a lot of complicated functions that make this work, so we hope it keeps up over time. The pod systems were never an option for us and the ability to change beans with the Jura is great. The grind options on this machine make you appreciate coffee again. Fantastic purchase!

Excellent coffe maker
By: Laugrous
August 30, 2014

Got this machine end of last year.
The one I got had a defect and stopped working properly, No Problem 1st in coffee agreed on the spot for a refund. Re-ordered a other one.
This one if flawless, provides the family with good coffees and Expressos.
- Very easy to use, fast to warm-up.
- Very easy to clean (beside the receptacles, the machine cleans by itself).
- Easy to setup, and very consistent coffee.

In the end very happy with my purchase with 1st in coffee, hopes it will last forever.

Uber-auto, convenient, programmable, great tasting coffee
By: TwoFingerPoi
August 10, 2014

Makes cappuccino, latte machiatto, espresso "Aroma Boost" and lungo coffee. Also has hot water if you want to make the lungo Americano. I usually make a cappuccino then add a espresso to get the ratio of coffee to milk that I prefer. Each of the cap, latte and lungo have programmable settings for amounts of water, milk, temperature and strength. We empty the pucks, drip tray and fill the water daily and it covers the 5-6 cups a day and then some. I did not buy the ridiculously over-priced optional milk container, but instead use a inexpensive milk frothing "jug".

Excellent coffee and high quality machine
By: Ana
July 15, 2014

Bought a factory refurbished unit a week ago and it arrived in like-new condition. Coffee is great. The thickest milk froth is produced when using skim milk.

Awesome machine
By: Philip
May 6, 2014

This machine will amaze you. I actually look forward to getting up because this machine is so easy to use and makes amazing coffee. I am totally hooked on the Latte macchiatos. Who wants the hassle of tinkering around with a machine early in the morning. Just power it up so the water heats up. Then the machine does a self rinse. Plug in the milk and press one button and voila a freshly made coffee. If mine breaks after the warranty I am buying another right away. Can't live without it.

Best Coffee Ever
By: Dreamer
March 26, 2014

Purchased refurbished unit a year ago. No problems and still brewing fantastic coffee. Brew 16-32oz per day. Ready to order a second one for the camper.

Outstanding Value
By: Ray
March 16, 2014

This is my first super-automatic and I am very impressed. The foam is very smooth/creamy. The coffee drinks are as only good as the beans you use. There are only 4 types of drinks that you can make: Espresso, Coffee (Americano type), Cappuccino, and Latte Macchiato. I mostly drink the Latte Macchiato's. The build quality of the Jura is excellent, I previously owned the Capresso CoffeeTec coffee maker and the build quality and customer service is excellent. The ENA 9 is ideal for a small number of coffee drinkers due to the small volume of waste box, water and bean hopper which suits me fine. I purchased the Jura Cool Control which works well with the ENA 9 if you like milk based coffee drinks. Clean up is very easy with the various pre-programmed rinse cycles.

I have at least two drinks per day since I owned the Jura, before with my manual Starbucks Barista espresso machine, I would only use on the weekends due to the amount of time/effort to make a drink.

Best in value, quality and appearance.
By: Sura
October 31, 2013

I have used other brands but so far ENA 9 rates as the best coffee machine I ever used. The quality of anything coming out of it, without a doubt, is as good as any commercial coffee shop. I am 100% satisfied customer.

Customer care at 1st in Coffee is one of the best. I am glad to be one of their customers.

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