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Refurbished Jura-Capresso F7

Product ID: R13185

The Impressa F7's design concept of symmetrical lines and a clean, clear user interface makes it a great choice for brewing espresso, cappuccino and specialty coffee drinks. The F7 features an easy to read LED display as it displays coffee strength and cup size during brewing. Coffee brewing illumination adds elegance, as do the die cast brewing spouts and the stainless steel drip tray.

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Features of the Jura Capresso Impressa F7 Automatic Coffee Center:

  • Touch the 1-cup button once, twice or three times for mild, regular or strong coffee. When your Jura Capresso F7 super automatic espresso machine starts grinding, the display shows the last cup size used in oz. At this time the left rotary dial illuminates. Just turn the dial and change the cup size from 1 oz. to 8 oz. It can't get any more convenient.
  • Push the 2-cup button and the F7 will always produce twice as much coffee as shown in the display. So, if the cup size is set to 7 oz. the Jura Impressa F7 will brew a total of 14 oz. With the height adjustable coffee spout a range of cup sizes will fit easily underneath.
  • Two step pre-infusion cycle moistens and conditions the ground coffee. Maximum flavor extraction with perfect crema topping.
  • The Jura Impressa F7 grinds from 5 to a maximum of 16 grams of coffee from mild to extra strong.
  • Choose from two temperature settings. Some like it hot, some don't.
  • The Impressa F7 froths and steams milk in a pitcher or right in your cup. Then without any delay, it grinds the beans tamps and brews your coffee in less than 50 seconds...or vice versa! No more work, no more guessing, no more messy clean-up.
  • 64 oz. removable water container. Good for 40 espressos at a time.
  • Integrated professional solid steel conical burr coffee grinder for consistent and aroma-saving grinding. Six settings allow you to adjust the fineness for all kinds of beans - from light to dark roasts.
  • 8 oz. bean container. Coffee grinder can grind up to 30 portions of coffee before refilling.
  • Steam wand can be used to release hot water for Cafe Americano or a cup of tea. The hot water function is also programmable from 1 to 16 oz.
  • New CLEARYL Water Care System . Removes chlorine, lead, aluminum and copper for a better tasting coffee. A special organic additive removes almost all carbon and eliminates decalcifying altogether.
  • Electronic CLEARYL cartridge change indicator makes sure that you always have the best water possible in your espresso machine.
  • Separate funnel for pre-ground coffee. Use for decaf or flavored coffees. The moment you lift the lid of the funnel, the F7 knows that you want to use pre-ground coffee. It actually asks you via the display to add ground coffee.
  • 18-bar power pump with 1450 watt stainless steel lined ThermoBlock heating system. Fast continuous operation for use at home or in the office.
  • Made in Switzerland, 1 year warranty
  • 13.6" High x 11" Wide x 17.1" Deep

Dual Frother PLUS:

  • Push the steam button. Within seconds, the ThermoBlock heating system reaches steaming temperature. Immerse the Dual Frother Plus into your milk pitcher or in your cup filled with milk. When the display reads STEAM READY turn the dial on the right side to the steam / hot water symbol. Hot steam is released immediately. Steam output is continuous. With the left rotary dial you can time the steam output from 3 to 120 seconds. Or you can just stop he steam output by turning the dial back to the cup symbol. Need more steam? As long as the display reads STEAM READY, you can steam away.
  • The Dual Frother Plus is fast and easy to use. With two settings for latte (steaming milk) and cappuccino (steaming and frothing milk).
  • The frother function can be set from 3 to 120 seconds. This comes in handy when using the frothXpress Plus system (sold separately).

Convenience, Monitoring, Appearance and Safety Features:

  • 10-digit LED display dialog system. Gives you short, plain language instructions: "Ready", "Heating" , "Steam Ready" , "Fill Water", "Clean Unit" etc.
  • Illuminated brewing area. Whenever you push a button, two LED lights behind the coffee spout will illuminate your coffee. The lights will turn off automatically if the machine is not used for one minute.
  • Choose from seven languages in the dialog system. English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch.
  • Select from "Continuous-on" or "Auto-off" from 1/2 hour to 9 hours in one hour increments. This makes sure the machine stays on as long as you want.
  • "Auto-on." The Jura Impressa F7 espresso and coffee center turns itself on at the programmed time and is ready for your first cup.
  • Automatic hot water rinse cycle when the Jura Capresso F7 is turned on and off. Cleans and pre-heats all vital brewing parts.
  • Automatic cleaning cycle indicator prevents coffee oil build-up in the brew chamber. A short 15 minutes automated tablet cleaning program with clear instructions in the LED display insures clean inner parts and coffee that will never tastes oily or rancid. No inner parts need to be removed. The display will remind you automatically after approx. 200 cups of coffee.
  • Automatic indicator when used coffee container is full. Used coffee container holds up to 16 coffee portions.
  • Electronic water level sensor will never let the machine operate without water!
  • Check how many cups of coffee you have made. Display can show total number of cups brewed and number of cups for each coffee button - and the ground coffee funnel (!).
  • Five level water hardness selector. Set the machine to your water hardness (comes with a water hardness indicator strip).
  • Compact design with simple front panel controls. Fits underneath kitchen cabinets.

Your Jura Capresso IMPRESSA F7 espresso machine and coffee center makes it easy to customize coffee settings to your liking. When the machine is on and the display shows READY,   push and hold the P-button until the display shows FILTER. This indicates that you are in programming mode. Turn the left rotary dial clockwise and the F7 will guide you through 11 programming and look-up functions: FILTER, HARDNESS, AROMA, TEMPERATURE, TIME, AUTO-ON, AUTO-OFF, STATS, LANGUAGE, ML / OZ. AND 24 HR AM/PM).

Once you select a function, just press the button inside the dial and the display will show you the options for this function. Dial the option you want and push the button to confirm. Push the P-button to get back to making coffee, indicated by READY in the display.

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Additional Information

Color Black-Silver
Milk Frothing Steam Wand
Built in grinder Yes
Country of Origin Switzerland

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Customer Reviews

Great Machine - I Now Have Time To Hang With The Kids In The Morning
By: Aron Bacon
September 11, 2014

We've been using a very basic, manual Delonghi espresso machine since we moved into our new house. After replacing it twice with quality issues, we decided it was finally time to man/woman up and spend a lot more on a quality machine. I have a number of friends with Jura-Capresso machines and have always marveled at how easy they seemed to be to use. Turns out, they are. It took me about an hour and a number of not quite right espresso drinks to get the hand of things, but now making our morning lattes has become simple. The foamer/steamer is quite easy too. I think I still need more practice as I can't seem to get a lot of foam, but that's about the only thing I can think to complain about.

When you consider that the new version of this machine is more than double the price, this thing is a great value at $599.

Love this machine!
By: Lulu0401
September 28, 2013

Great tasting coffee EVERY TIME! Easy to use, easy to clean.

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