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Jura ENA 9 One Touch

Product ID: 13572

The Swiss-made Jura Capresso ENA 9 One Touch is Jura's slimmest automatic coffee center featuring One Touch cappuccino technology. Makes espresso, cappuccino, latte or macchiato at the touch of a button.

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Free shipping on orders over $50

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Features of the Jura Capresso ENA 9 One Touch:

  • Most compact machine of its kind, less than 9½ inches wide.
  • Professional grade conical burr grinder. 5 fineness settings. 7 oz. bean hopper.
  • Powerful pump rated to produce 15 bars of pressure.
  • Totally unique coffee / cappuccino spouts. Connects to milk container for One Touch cappuccino or latte.
  • HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE DUAL SPOUT WITH INTEGRATED FINE-FOAM TECHNOLOGY - The height-adjustable dual spout accommodates almost any size cup and uses two separate channels for coffee and milk. The built-in dedicated milk system prevents cross-contamination, and the new integrated cappuccino frother delivers one-touch feather-light cappuccinos and latte macchiatos in seconds.
  • Hot water can be dispensed for Cafe Americano or Tea.
  • Fully programmable: the ENA allows you to set the amount (1-16 oz), strength and temperature of your coffee.
  • AROMA BOOST - If you need an extra kick, use the Aroma Boost function for the strongest possible cup. With the touch of a button, it grinds the maximum possible amount of coffee and extracts at the ideal temperature for extra-strong, rich flavor.
  • Easy to use rotary dial allows for the easy override of programmed settings.
  • Three color LCD alphanumeric display.

    Green = Machine Ready       Red = Requires Action      Yellow = Programming Mode

    ENA display
  • Automatic cleaning cycle.
  • Clearyl water filtration system eliminates chlorine taste and the need to decalcify.
  • Stainless steel thermoblock heating system with temperature settings.
  • Automatic ground coffee funnel let you use ground coffee instead of beans. Great for the occasional decaf.
  • Zero Energy Button and Energy Save Standby Mode make saving electricity easy.
  • 37 oz. removable water tank.
  • Black sides with silver front
  • 1450 Watts, 120 Volts
  • 20 Pounds - 14" high x 9" wide x 17.5" deep
  • Made in Switzerland
  • 2 year warranty

Jura ENA 9 Instruction Booklet: Click to view

Additional Information

Milk Frothing One Touch
Built in grinder Yes
Country of Origin Switzerland

Customer Reviews

Best machine in the house.
By: MissGigi
April 28, 2015

We moved to the mountains in 2005. We purchased the Ena9 because there was no Starbucks anywhere around. I have never been disappointed. The coffee has surpassed any store bought taste and I get to enjoy great coffee every morning .

Excellent product
By: JR
March 20, 2015

I bought this machine about a month and a half ago and truly love it. Coffee's great. The espresso's perfect. I really enjoy the machiato one touch setting. I am so happy that I invested in this machine. It has been completely worth every penny.

Wonderful machine. Very positive trouble shooting experience!!
By: Ttenordave
January 2, 2015

Will try to condense the usual stuff. Coffee lover. Semi retired ie more than enough time to research and play with things once I get them. Close friends have had Jura Capresso machines for years and we have always loved the coffee but rationalized against getting one for ourselves. Anyway bought a refurbished ENA 9 one touch after many phone discussions with Jim at 1st in coffee knowing full well that theses machines as wonderful a cup of coffee that they can produce need TLC and a likely return to the factory at some point. the ENA 9 makes Really good coffee very easily. To say it takes a little time to program it and learn what it can do can be looked at in two different ways. If one does not want to put in a little and I mean very little brain time then get a Keurig. With very clearly written instructions you can program your daily first morning drink With a few minutes you can learn to make cappuccinos and latte machiattos. What prompted this review today is my experince with calling Jura for trouble shooting/service. I have had the ENA 9 for 3 months and had been noting decreased flow from the dual spout for a couple of weeks. Tried everything I could find in the manual to clean and maintain but the problem got worse. Finally on New Years Eve nothing would come out at all. I felt like a little boy who had lost his puppy. I called Jura on the 31st and they were already closed for the holiday!! Good for them bad for me. Here I was feeling like I had made a huge mistake buying this expensive machine number one and number two buying refurbished I was sure I just needed to get inside the machine and clean out something needed to do more than was discussed in the manual on the other hand facing the likelihood of getting out the box it came in lugging it to UPS sending it back to Jura and being without my new toy for a couple of weeks at least Anyway this AM January 2 called Jura directly and after waiting about 5 minutes spoke with Celeste who very clearly explained how to get in there and remove some grounds thet were obstructing water flow and clean out the dual nozzles in front with the end of a paaper clip and everything is fine now. To summarize great machine; easy to use that makes outstanding coffee in a different class than Keurig or even Starbuck's great buying experience from 1st in Coffee and very positive experience trouble shooting directly with Jura.

Nothing is too high priced if you enjoy it!
By: Peter Zammetti
May 22, 2014

First let me give a triple thanks to Jim at the 1st in coffee team. Not only was the customer service beyond belief, I never heard the words I don't know. He even had the number for a live human (45 second phone wait) to answer any tech questions about the unit. Trust me, you do not even need assistance because the unit comes ready to go. Now for adjustments, the coffee you can change to 8 oz. and the cappuccino can be adjusted to 5 oz. water and 20 seconds milk if you want the normal American size cups. The espresso and coffee button can be double tapped for more if you decide to not adjust settings. I found illy brand ground coffee to be too fine for this machine but their whole bean is perfection! The one thing all of us Army engineers will not understand, but is very true is DONT turn the grinder setting near the fill of the hopper unless it is actually grinding. I know it sounds like its against physics but I have been formally instructed from the manufacture that this is true. If you always use the filters both the descaling and the hardness test (the little strip it comes with) is not needed. I personally tested the ground side first to ensure it worked because I will always be using beans for the freshness. You always hear non-knowledgeable people giving reviews for things so I made sure I studied the manual, talked with the company, and tested all the functions before writing this. The only review I saw with a con was the water tank not being large enough. To me it shouldn't matter because you should always use fresh clean tap water with the filters. And as the instructions say Never use bottled mineral water! This unit was advertised at Macy's for 2399.00 so you can understand the savings when you trust a company like 1stincoffee! Now sit back enjoy a fresh cup...

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