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Pasquini Espresso Machines, Grinders & Accessories

1st in Coffee carries several of the exquisite Pasquini Italian Espresso and Cappuccino machines. Since 1957, The Pasquini coffee machine company has built espresso machines and other Pasquini coffee products using only the finest heavy duty materials and polished stainless steel finishes. Try one of these world class Pasquini espresso machines today, built in Italy and shipped to you from our store house in the U.S. Order securely on-line, or call 7 days a week. Pasquini espresso machines now feature a 2 year warranty on parts and labor.

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Mr. Pasquini began making espresso in one small shop on Vermont Ave. in Los Angeles early in the 1950’s. He imported a single machine from his home land of Milan, changed the wiring to be compatible with American standard outlets, and introduced the citizens of LA to the dark, strong coffee one customer at a time. After many months of dedication, Pasquini began to receive calls from high end restaurant owners in the city inquiring about the new coffee machine. He imported several more machines, changed the wiring, and added a few additional features. He even added a second espresso pour piece so the restaurants could make more than one shot at a time.

As Pasquini espresso machines grew in popularity, so did the Pasquini reputation for quality. Mr. Pasquini refused to skimp on the quality of materials as he built espresso machines for the restaurants of LA. That same dedication to quality is maintained today by Mr. Pasquini’s sons. Every espresso machine Pasquini ships is made with the finest materials, finishes, and construction. For this reason, many of Mr. Pasquini’s original customers are still ardent supporters of the Pasquini coffee brand today.

We invite you to call the 1st in Coffee customer care line 7 days a week from 8AM to 10PM EST to address specific questions about the Pasquini coffee product line. We look forward to helping you explore these wonderful Pasquini espresso machines.